Daily Programme

Assembly Hall
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

East Coast FM
Suitable for all ages (3+)

East Coast 107.6FM will be broadcasting live from Dunbar SciFest! Can be heard on 107.6FM and on Tunein Radio Phone app as well as their website www.eastcoastfm.co.uk


Stage Shows Sat Sun  

Macastory's Mammoths of the Ice Age
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Macastory are coming out of the mists of time to take you on a pre-historic adventure of mammoths, cave dwellers and more. Join the tribal leaders Ron and Fergus as they prepare for the great mammoth hunt. You’ll learn ancient chants and songs… then it’s time to battle the mighty beasts of the Ice Age! After the hunt it’s back to the cave for live interactive cave painted stories to honour the mighty mammoths. It’s perfect cave-dweller fun for everyone!


Reaching for the Stars in BSL
Suitable for all ages (3+)

A BSL-interpreted event where families will be invited to go on a time machine to meet famous astronomers of the past! Exploding rockets and comets will be included! Gary and Audrey will introduce new BSL signs for astronomy.


Record Breaking Science
Suitable for 7 years+

From the biggest bubbles you've ever seen, to boomerangs nearly three metres across and giant Slinkys, join The One Show’s Dr Marty Jopson as he delves into the science behind his recent record attempts. The secrets of Marty’s success will be revealed and a world record may be broken using science.


What property?
Suitable for 5 - 12 years

An interactive science show about the surprising properties of chemicals. The audience can become part of the show and experience first hand the oddities that are polymers, powders and popping cannisters.


Zap, Crackle and Pop
Suitable for 7 years+

Join Dr Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist as he takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity. From Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, this show aims to put the awesome back into electricity. An electrifying show chock full of demonstrations and a plucked chicken.


Bleachingfield Community Centre
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Early Bird Event for children with autism and their families on Sunday 8 March at 9am
Suitable for all ages (3+)

An Early Bird event for children with ASC will have exclusive access to experience the SCI-FUN interactive exhibits on Sunday 8 March, 9-10am.

There are over 50 interactive activities. You can control lighting, see a hole in your hand, solve a crime, become part of a human circuit, relax in a spinning chair, and lots more.



SCI-FUN Roadshow
Suitable for 7 years+

Explore the University of Edinburgh’s mobile science centre, featuring over fifty incredible interactive activities. You can control lightning, see a hole in your hand, solve a crime, become part of a human circuit, relax in a spinning chair, and lots more…
Pop in for a moment, stay for hours!
Experience the SCI-FUN interactive exhibits on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March, 10am - 5pm.


Classroom 1
Workshops Sat Sun  

Organ Dissections
Suitable for 8 years+

A sheep heart and lungs will be dissected. We will cover anatomy and physiology and children will have the chance to put some gloves on and have a hands on experience if they wish.


Classroom 2
Workshops Sat Sun  

Video Game Design for Juniors
Suitable for 6 years+

Students as young as 5 years old can create their own games in this exciting workshop. Learn how to design and create your own video game as you help Code Monkey sort out his programs - he keeps making mistakes!
Ages 5 - 8 years


Video Game Design using an Xbox Controller
Suitable for 8 years+

Use an Xbox controller to create your own video game. Students will use a graphical programming environment to design and build games. They will then create a range of terrains, worlds and characters, controlling the characters' movement, sound and vision.
Ages 8 - 13 years


Classroom 3
Workshops Sat Sun  

Gene Genius and Cell Investigator
Suitable for 8 years+

Become a gene genius and investigate your cells with researchers from the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre & Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

As a cell investigator you will learn about the workings of your cells, build a model and see your own cells down the microscope. As a gene genius you will discover if you are a ‘super taster’ and take on the chromosome challenge!

Suitable for children 8+, accompanying adults welcome, workshop lasts 40 minutes.


Classroom 4
Workshops Sat Sun  

Dino Dig
Suitable for 4 years+

Join East Lothian Council Museums Service in helping us dig up a dinosaur and other fossils!
Workshop session: 45 minutes


Classroom 5
Workshops Sat Sun  

3D Printing with eDF Energy
Suitable for 8 years+

See how 3D Scanners and 3D Printers are used to make working components of complex machinery and have a go yourself.


Classroom 6
Workshops Sat Sun  

Computer Science FX
Suitable for 13 years+

Computer Science FX is a creative workshop that combines the art of magic with key principles of computer science to engage learners and develop skills in computational thinking. It actively promotes enquiry based learning that is enjoyable, challenging and insightful.


Community Windpower Marquee
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Suitable for all ages (3+)

This year the archaeoscientists are looking at Burials, Bones and Botany! See what secrets can be discovered from graves and what soils can tell us about ancient diets. Also Ötzi the Iceman- back for 2015! With ELC Archaeology Service, Rubicon Heritage, Archaeology Scotland & Addyman Archaeology.


Do you have lots of puff?! Take a big deep breath and find out
Suitable for 4 years+

Come and find out how much puff you have - and compare with your family and friends. Blow into our peak flow meter and see how much air is in your lungs.


Energy from Wind
Suitable for 4 years+

Learn how energy is captured from the wind and design your own turbine.


How to BeGreen!
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Find out how you can save energy and generate your own energy- at home!


Marine Conservation Society
Suitable for 4 years+

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. We want UK seas to be abundant in marine life and fish stocks, where beaches and bathing waters are pollution free.


Slime labs
Suitable for 4 years+

Drop-in sessions where kids (and big kids) can make slime and bouncy balls.


Soft Matter in Action
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Come and explore the weird and wonderful properties of soft matter and complex fluids with researchers from the University of Edinburgh. Play with corn starch, make your own jelly capsules and explore the physics of food.


The Earth's magnetic personality
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Come along and find out about magnets, magnetism and the deep interior of the Earth. Why is it important for all of us, how are you using it every day and what will happen when the poles reverse. Something's happening to magnetic north in Great Britain - come and find out what it is!


Washington Wetland Centre
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Make your own wooden animal whilst finding out why conservation is cool ! Get to grips with surprising props !


Wild About East Lothian
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Come along and try your hand at identifying our mystery objects and learn about the flora and fauna (plants & animals) that call East Lothian home.


Workshops Sat Sun  

CSI: Feet
Suitable for 8 years+

What can your feet tell the police?

Our Podiatry students will take your foot prints and you will follow the investigation.
20 people at a time.


Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Police Scotland
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Police Scotland are providing information on how to use a Cash Machine safely and securely and to test your car braking reaction time.


Gym Hall
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Animates Amazing Animals
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Have you ever wondered why lizards have three eyes and how you can help the planets most endangered species? Then come along to visit the Animates crew where we will introduce you to our live animal guests and seized HMRC items, many of which belong to some of the worlds’ most endangered species.


Suitable for 6 years+

Get hands-on and make some exciting discoveries under the microscope. Find out from our biologists what new things they have discovered this year about animals, plants, microorganisms, cells and much more!


FitLab Exhibits Drop-in
Suitable for all ages (3+)

This pulse-raising interdisciplinary experience will allow the exploration of endurance, strength, agility, speed and coordination through a range of zoned exhibits.


Light Chemistry
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Join us in celebrating the International Year of Light, discover why light is so important for chemistry and everyday technologies.

Make a rainbow, check out some colourful chemical reactions and take part in our pin-hole camera competition!


Make it Molecular
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Build your own models of everyday molecules. Have your picture taken with your molecule and have a permanent reminder.


Rockpool Adventure
Suitable for all ages (3+)

New for 2015 explore a new, very special rockpool environment tank... full of amazing, live marine creatures that live in the sea off Dunbar for you to touch, hold and learn about. You will be guided by Marine Biologists to discover the fascinating life on our seashores. They're wet, they're wild and very much alive!


Torness Power Station Mobile Visitor Centre
Suitable for all ages (3+)

The mobile visitor centre is designed to capture the imagination of children and adults alike with hands-on displays and to learn about how Torness generate electricity for over 2 million homes.


Haddington Library
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Steam Traction Engine mini exhibition
Suitable for 7 years+

An example of an early 20th Century model steam traction engine made by a local firm based in Haddington will be displayed.


Workshops Sat Sun  

Edge of Chaos Games
Suitable for 8 years+

Journey through some of the most complex systems in the universe in this inspiring and fun workshop. Play with a vortex in a bottle, see footage of intelligent slime mould and take part in live systems games where you become part of an interdependent system at the edge of chaos!


Nature Games
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Get outside and use your senses in this fun exploration of nature. Learn how a tree works by building one out of people. Hone your sensing skills with blindfold games. And get your hands muddy as we search for mini beasts and then mimic the creatures’ behaviours.


Marquee #2
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Chicks and Eggs
Suitable for all ages (3+)

East Links will be describing the different
stages of incubation and growth within chickens. Chicks will be visiting too!


Dunbar Grammar School Pupils' Display of Work and how to test the soil
Suitable for all ages (3+)

The Dunbar Grammar School pupils have brought along some of their work. See work from S1, S2 and senior students. It is the International Year of Soil – come and try an experiment to show how soil can be tested to see if plants, flowers or crops can grow in it.


Fantastic Flying Clothing
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Find out how pilots kept warm, communicated and coped in the cold cockpits of the First and Second World Wars.


Fantastic Flying Machines
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Find out how things fly before making something that flies for yourself.


Geology and Geoconservation
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Selection of geological leaflets for taking away: particularly Barns Ness, Dunbar Harbour, Traprain Law and North Berwick Volcanoes

Table-top activities: such as fossil rubbing table and cards, plate tectonic jigsaw and sheets

Display of Posters: such as Barns Ness, East Lothian, etc.


Keeping your Drinking Water Safe
Suitable for 8 years+

Find out more about how drinking water is treated to make sure that it is safe for everyone to drink.


Love Food Hate Waste
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Did you know that the collective annual food waste of Scottish households is well over half a million tonnes? That's the equivalent weight of 10 Forth Rail Bridges!! The average family in Scotland could save a whopping £470 a year by reducing our food waste. Come along and visit Zero Waste Dunbar's Love Food Hate Waste stall to pick up some delicious leftover recipes, share your tips to avoid food waste on our Tip Tree and find out the science behind how those unavoidable leftovers can be recycled to create energy.


Magic Lantern Creative Crafts
Suitable for 5 years+

Come and get creative, exploring light and craft, play with UV paint and black light and make some magical up cycled lanterns to bring along to the Magic Lantern evening event at Barns Ness Lighthouse. Led by Anna Davis from The Old Print Studio.


Make rapeseed oil using a hand press
Suitable for 4 years+

Can you produce rapeseeds oil using a hand press? How is sea salt created from sea water? What are bio fuels? How is cattle feed made from waste? Come and find out.


Spectacular science in a shopping trolley!
Suitable for 5 years+

Enjoy and engage in science busking demos using everyday staples found in kitchens everywhere. Get messy celebrating Scottish Year of Food & Drink and the Year of Soil and find out more about the produce and soils of East Lothian.


Strange X-Rays
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Our Radiography students have put together a collection of different X-Rays, come and see how many you can guess?


The Solar Spark
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Find out about solar energy and electricity. Play with solar- powered toys and experiment with a
‘hand battery’.


Where does our food go?
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Your opportunity to follow food through our bodies, chew up food, churn in the stomach, then on to the intestines and beyond!


Parents Room
Workshops Sat Sun  

Cosmos Planetarium
Suitable for all ages (3+)

This is a state of the art, fully digital, 360° immersive multi-media theatre experience which is much more than just an amazing virtual tour of the night. Land on the moon with the Apollo astronauts, fly through the rings of Saturn, search for life in alien oceans plus travel to the outer regions of the solar system and beyond!


Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

BodyWorks On Tour Busking
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Our BodyWorks On Tour team will roam amongst the crowd and amaze you with exciting and interactive health and wellbeing demos. Become immersed in some fascinating science; measure your heart rate and grip strength and test your balance and co-ordination. With all these fun and active busking activities and more you can experiment, engage and enjoy learning about how your BodyWorks.


Meet your local car club
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Come and see our electric vehicle parked by the school.


The Caravan Obscura
Suitable for 5 years+

The Caravan Obscura uses mirrors and lenses to project the landscape outside onto the ceiling of the caravan. Join the "upside down box" activity where people put specially designed boxes over their heads to see upside down and try walking around a circuit.


Stage Shows Sat Sun  

Fantastic Physics Fire Show
Suitable for all ages (3+)

This outdoor show brings education, spectacle and entertainment together, using flames, explosions and fire balls to inform and inspire in equal measure. Covering the physics of fire, the forces involved in the movement of flames, the acoustic effects of explosions, and much much more.


SciFest Cafe
Drop-in Sessions Sat Sun  

Dunbar Businesses at SciFest
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Dunbar Trades’ Association brings a flavour of the town’s businesses and facilities to Dunbar SciFest. Dunbar Trades’ Association has been in operation since 1942 and is one of the oldest surviving associations in the local area. The Association seeks to improve the local area and promote economic activity.


The Cove
Storytelling Sat Sun  

Amazing Nature
Suitable for all ages (3+)

Join storyteller Daniel Allison for stories about amazing environments and the creatures that inhabit them. From the jungle to the desert, from jellyfish to dingoes, every place and every creature has a story...


Mrs. Mash's Kitchen Capers
Suitable for 4 years+

Join Mrs. Mash the Storytelling Cook and hear about her latest experiments in the kitchen. Maybe even taste the results for yourself !!! Stories, songs and joining in fun for families.