Fabulous Food and Drink from our Fertile Fields & Rich Seas


The Halls, Bleachingfield Community Centre, Dunbar @ 8pm

From 8pm on Saturday 14 March, the halls of the Bleachingfield Community Centre will be the venue for Fabulous Food and Drink from our Fertile Fields & Rich Seas. Professor Derek Ball from Heriot Watt University will explore how food can improve human performance. Using diet to manipulate exercise performance is not a new phenomenon and Derek will show how different nutrition strategies have been used historically to improve human performance. The Science and Psychology of Aphrodisiacs will be revealed by Dr Kathy Charles from Edinburgh Napier University. Champagne, oysters, buttered asparagus, chocolate, chilli... Do these foods make your heart rate and other things rise..? Come and hear about the science and psychology of aphrodisiacs so that you know exactly what those Moorish morsels are doing to you. Fabulous taster cocktails, produced by Be Experimental’s Science Cocktail Lab, will add to the feast of tasty food-science tidbits.

£8 Tickets bookable via dunbarscifest.org.uk or on the door