The Magic Lantern



Barns Ness Lighthouse, Dunbar

After a day full of fun, stay on for our Nights of Light. Inspired by the United Nations International Year of Light 2015 (IYL15), as the sun sets board the bus at the Dunbar Garden Centre to see “The Magic Lantern” at Barns Ness Lighthouse, on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March (6.30 - 8.30pm).

Process though all the colours of the rainbow, exploring the electromagnetic spectrum in a colonnade of coloured lights bordering the path to the lighthouse. The lighthouse and adjacent buildings will glow gently, beautifully illuminated and constantly changing. Performers in front of the Keepers’ Cottages will interact with the lighting, producing a magical interpretation of light, shadow and movement. The projection show builds slowly, with light and colour and pattern gradually revealing the towering lighthouse looming above, telling the story of humankind’s journey from firelight to our modern high tech lighting. Discover how a Scottish mathematician and physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, first person formulated the theory of electromagnetic radiation that inspired Albert Einstein.


The Magic Lantern is an early event suitable for families. The Magic Lantern buses will depart from the Dunbar Garden Centre from 6.30pm so please arrive there on time.

As we will control access to the road to Barns Ness, ONLY our buses will be able to drive down to the lighthouse. There will be no car access, unless registered disabled.

Wrap up warm as everyone will be outside at Barns Ness for the duration of the event but hot drinks can be purchased. Given how cold the weather has been, we have reduced the show duration so that it will now end at 8pm, rather than 8.30pm.

Eve Coaches will now come onsite from 7.30pm, so if you do get too cold, you can return to a bus to warm up! As soon as a bus fills at Barns Ness, it will return to the Dunbar Garden Centre.

Please be aware that there is a short walk from the Barns Ness car park to the lighthouse and there are steps up into the Portaloo Trailers.

The disabled toilet at Whitesands will be open.